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Organic Lawn Care & Maintenance


You get everything your lawn needs to look it’s best with The Green Grass Guy, LLC. As a certified BeeSafe® applicator we will create a healthy lawn for you without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides using the BeeSafe® lawn care program. 

By fertilizing appropriately, improving the soil and using natural products that minimize stress we can create you a beautiful, healthy lawn without all of those harsh products. Our organic lawn care service is exactly what your family needs when it comes to a healthy lawn and peace of mind.

Speaking with us is the only way to really know if we are what we claim to be… “The best organic lawn care company in Lubbock, TX, Wolfforth, TX, & Shallowater, TX and the surrounding areas”.

Lawn Areation & Over Seeding


Compaction is one of your lawns greatest enemies and can work against the success of your organic lawn. This is why having your lawn aerated is important. Aeration provides an avenue for water, nutrients, and oxygen to get to the root zone thus helping your lawn to flourish. 

After aerating your lawn, we can also over seed with a blend specifically designed for your property to help with any bare spots. You will see a noticeable difference after having your lawn aerated so if you are in Lubbock, TX, Wolfforth, TX, & Shallowater, TX, or the surrounding areas give us a call today!

Lawn Fertilization


Fertilizing your lawn at the right time and using proper techniques can help lead to a healthy, dense yard that is the envy of all your neighbors. Fertilization plays a key role in assuring your lawn looks its best all year long by giving it the nutrients it needs to thrive. Having your lawn correctly fertilized can provide it with: higher grass density, faster/healthier growth, lower ambient temperature, quicker recovery from pest and weed damage, and resistance to stress conditions.

The Green Grass Guy knows how to prepare your lawn for the hard West Texas weather and assure you have weed-free, luscious, green grass. We plan a schedule that works with you for us to come fertilize your lawn and help prepare it for hot summer days, extreme weather, and foot traffic for those BBQ’s and 4th of July parties!

Weed Control

a healthy weed-free lawn

From careless weeds to ragweed and those awful grassburs (sandburs), weeds can be like a plague in your yard that no one wants. As your premium lawn care experts, naturally, one of our primary focuses is making sure that these abominations of nature have no place in your beautified yard.

We make sure we attack the weeds before they can even have a fighting chance by preparing your yard at the beginning of the year, creating a healthy environment for your grass that weeds simply cannot thrive in, as well as regularly maintaining your yard throughout the year to assure no unwanted guests make an appearance in your lush, green paradise.